Who Can Offer You The Best Interest Rate?

Who Can Offer You The Best Interest Rate? Payday Loans Online payday loans direct deposit -Online payday loans direct lenders $1000

Online payday loans direct deposit -Online payday loans direct lenders $1000

And if we told you that this rather innovative idea is already in force and that therefore you could really get a small loan thanks to your smartphone?

Born in Northern Europe, the tendency to resort to loans with SMS is gradually spreading in the rest of Europe, so much so that more and more credit institutions have chosen to propose this particular type of financing to be able to meet the needs of small size by the own customers.

Online payday loans direct lenders $1000 

What are payday loans

How much can you request with payday loans at CitrusNorth site? What are the necessary requirements? And how to do it?

Let’s try to answer these – and others! – questions, with an in-depth analysis of this subject that is still undervalued but, in reality, is expanding very rapidly.

A particular form of financing that is often confused with SMS Loans, and which nevertheless reflects a good part of its specificities, is represented by payday loans, or loans on the day of payment of the salary (or paycheck).

This last category is a rather widespread form of financing especially in Northern Europe and is represented by a sort of technological advance on your salary, considering that you can apply for this funding a few days or weeks before the next salary arrives.

It is, therefore, a credit line of very short duration, with the bank that will give you a percentage of your salary before you receive it, only to be reimbursed when the same fee is credited. A form of financing that here we are starting to spread and that could allow you to cope with unexpected expenses just a few days before receiving the usual monthly payment.

Payday loan amount via SMS

The first thing many people ask us is: how much can they get with SMS loans? Will SMS Loans allow me to meet my financial needs?

Personal loans: get up to € 60,000

Precise answers are certainly not possible – considering that each bank could opt for different credit policies. However, we can well highlight how it is not possible to obtain a particularly high amount of money: most institutions will allow you to obtain a loan between 50 and 500 euros, to be repaid generally in one or two months, on the conditions and methods established from the bank that granted the loan.

In short, from this point of view, fast SMS loans can only become a good helping hand for those who want to meet sudden expenses, quickly and easily.

Requirements Payday loans via SMS

But what are the necessary requirements that you should have to be able to request and get a Payday loan via SMS?

Given the particularity of this convenient loan, it follows that not everyone can have access to this type of loan, but only those people who have the requisites provided for by the credit policies of the bank to which you want to turn.

In any case, no fear: the requisites required are certainly not something impossible to dispose of, but – generally – it is the ownership of a bank account in the institution that activated this service, in which the pension must be channeled or salary.

In short, as you have probably already understood, the bank grants this facilitated and rapid form of loan only to the customers of whom you can “trust”, meaning those who have a relationship with it, and loyalty at least equal to the periodic credit of the salary on the current account.

On the other hand, the capital that is requested will be disbursed right into the current account, while the debt repayment plan, chosen by the client, will see the payment of the installments (often, a single installment) on the same ratio.

Request Payday loans via SMS

Requesting a Payday loan via SMS is really very simple. In fact, all you have to do is send a text message to your bank, after registering on the site of the bank that proposes this particular form of financing.

Once you send the message to the bank, all you have to do is wait. Usually, SMS Loans act with automatic inquiries, without any manual intervention by the bank’s consultants and employees. Which, after all, means greatly speeding up the processing time, with the consequence that you could receive the SMS sent to you free of your request after only 10 or 20 minutes from sending it.

Convenient, isn’t it?

Payday loan Costs via SMS

So far, the advantage points of this innovative form of financing that more and more banks are happily experimenting with, even here in Italy.

The sore point is however represented by the costs associated with SMS Loans.

The interest rates that are in fact provided for this type of loan are quite high, although sometimes they do not deviate too much from those that are generally proposed for fast online loans.

Precisely for this reason, we advise you to resort to this form of credit only if you need to meet unexpected expenses with resources that are not yours (or not only yours), while it is certainly an inconvenient form if you can calmly plan the intervention of your bank.


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