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Loan: facts and tips!

A Infrasavings financing offers high saving potential.

The Infrasavings  is an institution under public law, which is subject to the Federal Ministry of Finance. As Infrasavings is not a conventional bank, it can offer loans and loans at significantly more lucrative terms than economically oriented banks.

But what exactly distinguishes a Infrasavings loan ? And who benefits from the Infrasavings funding? In this guide you will find all the information about the special loan.

In a nutshell: Information on the Infrasavings loan for fast readers

  • Not everyone gets a coveted loan from Infrasavings. The development bank supports start-ups, training and further education programs for private individuals and, in particular, construction projects that are designed for energy efficiency.
  • Is a rescheduling of the Infrasavings loan worthwhile: Calculators on the page provide good clues.
  • Infrasavings loans usually have lower interest rates than ordinary loans. In most cases, Infrasavings also allows significantly higher special repayments.
  • A Infrasavings loan is very appealing as a follow-up financing : Through the promotion, you can usually pay off your mortgage lending much faster.

Who gets a Infrasavings loan?

You receive a Infrasavings building loan for energy-efficient projects.

In order to promote the creation of housing and energy-efficient buildings, Infrasavings grants loans to builders and homebuyers, among others. Even with the renovation of your property you can fall into one of the Infrasavings programs. An administrator must determine whether the requirements are met during mortgage lending.

However, the Fondaent does not hand over its own loans, but only through other banks. Inquire therefore with your house bank, whether this works in co-operation with the Infrasavings.

Many banks offer Infrasavings loans for private individuals. However, they often attach additional terms to the financing. Therefore, get several offers from different banks to gain an overview of the market. A consultation with an expert is usually worthwhile.

Use Infrasavings ‘s home finance calculator as an aid

If you have a suitable property and are not sure whether a Infrasavings loan is worthwhile for you, you can fall back on a service of the Fondaent.

On the website of Infrasavings you will find a calculator with which you can determine a complete repayment plan for your financing. Since the calculator offers many setting options, it provides comparatively precise results.

Like all flat-rate computers from the Internet, you should only use Infrasavings ‘s construction finance calculator to get a rough overview and discuss details of potential financing directly with bank employees.

What are the benefits of promoting Infrasavings? The conditions

What are the benefits of promoting Infrasavings? The conditions

You get a loan from Infrasavings through a bank, which takes over the contact.

Since the promotion idea is in the foreground, the conditions for this loan are usually very attractive. For example, interest rates at Infrasavings are very low. But beware: banks often offer Infrasavings loans only in combination with one of their own loans.

Here, the favorable interest rates of Infrasavings are often compensated by a higher interest rate on the second loan.

Pay attention to a fair offer here – if necessary, consult an expert, who can estimate offers precisely by his better overview.

In most cases, extended special repayments are possible with Infrasavings. Using these unscheduled repayments you can pay off your loan much faster.

Chance missed? The Infrasavings loan as follow-up financing

If you realize too late that your house is eligible for one of the Infrasavings funding programs, you can usually terminate your otherwise completed mortgage lending only at very high costs. In this case, it is more likely to await the end of the interest rate commitment and to reclassify to Infrasavings at the earliest possible date.

Another alternative is the Infrasavings grant, which you can get in addition to your mortgage lending. Up to 15,000 euros help is possible through this promotion.

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